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free dragon ball fighterz android download

Free Dragon Ball Fighterz Apk

Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk is a captivating and action game. This game also offers a fantastic gaming experience for children. Moreover, it allow young players to delve into the epic battles of their favorite characters.

Captivating Gameplay of Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod APK:

Moreover, Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk latest version brings the iconic characters from the Dragon Ball universe. It has visually stunning and dynamic fighting game. Besides, the game boasts fast-paced battles, flashy combos. A user-friendly interface that caters to players of all skill levels. Moreover, this make it accessible for kids. The gameplay mechanics are intuitive. Moreover, this game enable children to perform spectacular moves. Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and more are character in this game.

Family-Friendly Content:

One of the reasons this game stands out as a suitable game for kids is its family-friendly content. While it features martial arts combat. The game maintains a cartoonish and non-realistic approach to violence. The vibrant graphics and colorful animations keep the gameplay engaging. This make it suitable for younger audiences.

Free Version Availability:

The free version of Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk offers a taste of the full game experience. This game allows kids to access a variety of fighters and game modes. Moreover, this game provide ample opportunities for entertainment. Players can engage in offline battles. Explore the game’s mechanics, and enjoy a snippet of the game’s storyline.

Parental Controls and Safety:

Furthermore, it provides various options to ensure a safe and controlled gaming environment for kids. Now, parents can manage and monitor their children’s gaming sessions. Limit online interactions, and regulate playtime. It ensure a safe and balanced gaming experience.

Encouraging Social Interaction and Skills:

This game offers offline gameplay in its free version. This encourages social interaction and skill development. Kids can engage in friendly battles with siblings, friends, or family members. This also fostere camaraderie and healthy competition.

Moreover, the game’s mechanics promote hand-eye coordination and quick thinking.  Moreover, Strategic planning, contributing positively to a child’s cognitive development.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk

Basic Controls:


  • Walking and Dashing: Players can move their character left or right by pressing left or right on the directional pad/stick.
  • Jumping and Flying: Characters can jump by pressing the up button. Additionally, holding the up button allows characters to fly temporarily. Attacks:
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Attacks: The game typically has three main attack buttons assigned for light, medium, and heavy attacks.
  • Special Moves: Each character has unique special moves that can be executed by performing specific button combinations. These moves can vary from energy blasts to signature attacks associated with the character.


  • Auto Combos: Dragon Ball FighterZ features an accessible combo system. Here, pressing a particular attack button multiple times in succession initiates auto combos. These combos are easy to execute and allow players to perform flashy attacks effortlessly.
  • Manual Combos: Advanced players can create their combos by stringing together. Different attacks and timing their inputs precisely. These combos often involve a mix of normal attacks. Special moves, and aerial maneuvers.

Assist Attacks and Team Mechanics:

  • Assist Attacks: Players can form a team of three characters. This mechanic allows for strategic gameplay and combo extensions.
  • Tagging Characters: Swapping characters mid-fight is possible, enabling players to recover health. switch strategies, or execute powerful team-based.

Super Moves and Ultimate Attacks:

  • Super Attacks: Characters have powerful super moves that require specific button inputs and consume meter called the “Ki Gauge.” These moves are visually striking and deal substantial damage.
  • Ultimate Attacks: By spending more meter or meeting certain conditions, players can unleash even more devastating ultimate attacks.

Blocking and Defense:

  • Blocking: Players can defend against attacks by holding back on the directional pad/stick, which activates a blocking stance. However, some moves are unblockable or require special counters to evade.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk

How to play Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk Mediafire?

Selecting Characters:

    • Start by choosing a team of three characters from the roster available. Experiment with different combinations to find a team that suits your preferences.
  • Understanding Controls:
  • Familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. Learn the basic movements and the different attack buttons. Training Mode:
  • Utilize the Training Mode to practice and refine your skills.

Game Modes:

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ offers various game modes:
  • Story Mode: Experience a unique storyline crafted for the game.
  • Arcade Mode: Battle through a series of increasingly challenging fights.
  • Local Battle: Engage in matches against friends or family on the same console.
  • Online Battle: Compete against players worldwide to test your skills.

Basic Gameplay:

  • Engage in battles against AI or other players. Use basic attacks (light, medium, heavy) to create combos by chaining attacks together.

Utilize Assists and Tagging:

  • Make use of assist attacks by tagging in teammates (pressing a specific button) to extend combos or cover your character’s vulnerabilities. Practice tagging characters in and out strategically to manage health and maximize damage output.
  • Manage Ki Gauge and Super Moves: Monitor your Ki Gauge, which fills as you perform attacks and take hits. Use this gauge to execute super moves and ultimate attacks. Learn how to charge Ki (holding certain buttons) to access more powerful abilities.

Practice and Strategy:

  • Continuous practice and experimentation with different characters and strategies will help you develop your skills. Discover combo strings, mix-ups, and tactics that work well with your playstyle and preferred team composition.

Enjoy the Experience:

    • Have fun exploring the Dragon Ball universe, mastering the game mechanics, and engaging in thrilling battles. Whether in offline or online matches, focus on enjoying the dynamic gameplay and the adrenaline rush of intense fights.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: AMD FX-4350, 4.2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon HD 6870, 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

How to download?

  • This game is available on various gaming platforms.
  • Choose the platform that corresponds to your gaming system.
  • Go to the respective store for your platform.
  • After the download and installation are complete.
  • Launch the game from your console.
  • After activation, restart this game.
  • Now, enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk Offline.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk


Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk Mod stands as an excellent choice for kids. This also seek an enjoyable and free gaming experience. This captivating gameplay, family-friendly content. Parental controls make it a fantastic option for children. While honing their gaming skills in a safe and entertaining environment. With its dynamic battles and iconic characters, this game invites kids to unleash their inner warriors.

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